George Papandreou, Kaminis on centre-left party political council

George Papandreou, Kaminis on centre-left party political council audio player
The newly formed Movement for Change (Kinima Allagis), which recently elected Pasok president Fofi Gennimata as its leader, has announced the members of its executive organ, which will be in place at least until the party’s first convention early next year.

In an opinion poll conducted on the heels of Gennimatas’ election, the emerging political party garnered 12 percent of the vote, and this despite the fact that it has presented no comprehensive platform.

The new party’s Political Council will include Nikos Androulakis, who garnered over 40 percent of the vote in the run-off with Gennimata, To Potami party leader Stavros Theodorakis (who garnered a mere 1.5 percent in the aforementioned poll), Democratic Left (DIMAR) leader Thanasis Theocharopoulos (who is in Gennimata’s parliamentary group), Athens Mayor Yorgos Kaminis, and former prime minister George Papandreou, who now leads the small Movement of Democratic Socialists party (KIDISO).

It is unclear how the members of the council were selected, as there was no representation or input from the electoral base of 200,000 people who voted in the centre-left part’s leadership poll.

Gennimata will preside over the political council, which will handle day-to-day political affairs until the first convention, which is scheduled for March, 2018.

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