Second Greek Navy ship in a month runs aground

Second Greek Navy ship in a month runs aground audio player
The second Greek Navy ship in a month has run aground.

This time it was the small torpedo-gathering ship Arahthos, which ran aground on a deserted islet this afternoon in the Saronic Gulf, not far from the island of Poros.

There were no casualties in the event, and only slight damage was caused.

The 24.9 metre boat was returning from an exercise, in good weather conditions, when it became stuck in shallow waters.

The navy immediately sent a tugboat to assess the damage and to remove the ship.

In the footsteps of Kanaris

It was less than a month ago, on 2 November, when one of the navy’s finest frigates, the Kanaris, ran aground just a few nautical miles from the navy’s largest naval base, at Salamina, on the uninhabited island of Psyttaleia.

The accident was considered a major embarrassment for the navy, and it cost the commander of the frigate his position.

An investigation is already underway in that case.

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